Thursday, September 09, 2004

Staying On-Topic from RootsWeb Review Archives


1a. RootsWeb Mailing Lists: Staying On-Topic

If you subscribe to one or more of the RootsWeb mailing lists that
cover more than 28,400 surnames, localities, and genealogy-related
topics, you probably realize that each of these lists was created
to serve a specific topic of discussion.

Genealogical discussion concerning your CLAPSADDLE (KLEBSATTEL) family
in Germany would not be a suitable topic of discussion on a list devoted
the USA Oregon Trail Pioneers, for instance. A request for a lookup in a
Philadelphia city directory would be off-topic on a list devoted to
Welsh coal miners.

Most of us recognize the extremes that are obviously off-topic, but with
genealogical matters, it is not always so clear-cut. Some discussion
topics can overlap into another area -- for instance, your CLAPSADDLEs
might have immigrated to Sidney, Australia, opening up a new geographic
area into the discussion. They might have married into the MORSE family,
thus introducing a new surname into a thread or they might have joined
an obscure religious sect about which you'd like to learn more."
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