Monday, April 11, 2005

National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Massanutton Chapter, NSDAR - About Massanutton Chapter

nicely designed by Pat Geary.

unlike DAR | Daughters of the American Revolution which is slow to load
and looks like a lawyers site too !

Geary, Jewell, Tucker and Little Famiy Genealogy which is Pat's own family history.

Genealogy Research Tips - Clean Up Your Online Trees.

Designing and Publishing Genealogy Webpages: "You've been collecting data on your family for years, and want to share what you've found.
Or maybe you've just started researching your family and hope to find new cousins by putting your names on line. But where do you start?

Have you requested space at either RootsWeb or FreePages? Be careful choosing your username.
Once assigned it CAN NOT BE CHANGED! Do you have your username and password already but don't know where to begin.

Pat Asher has some excellent tutorials. Everything from Naming Web Page files to Very Basic HTML to Getting Started With FTP. Make sure you explore all the pages on this site. Lots of your questions will be answered.

Elsi's Tutorials

HTML Cheat sheet

HTML Basic Tutor

Learn to make a web page using basic html with our easy to follow HTML beginner tutorial ebook.

With each HTML tutorial learn basic HTML tags and their uses within a web page. The HTML beginner will reduce their learning curve with each basic HTML tag, it's purpose and it's attributes.

Each HTML tutorial is written with the HTML beginner in mind.
Lessons are also taught as part of the SEO Techniques class.

Is you are using MS Word/Office to build your web pages, please read this article"

Web Publishing: Using Word as Web Publisher?, UWEC: "Microsoft Word supports the creation of web pages; however, there are some inherent problems with this process. This document includes information on the problems of using Word as a web publisher."


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What a nice surprise Hugh. Thanks for including some of my pages in your listing.

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Blogger Pat Geary said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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All of my genealogy sites have been moved to

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