Thursday, July 28, 2005

Submit Corner - Guides - META Tag Guide and Optimization Tips

Submit Corner - Guides - META Tag Guide and Optimization Tips thanks to Patricia Geary again - and again

Submit Corner - Guides - Search Engine Guide - Comparison of Top Search Engines

Submit Corner - Search Engine Optimization Guides, Tools, Positioning and Placement Strategies: "If your website is not in the top search engines, how will your customers find you? Learn the techniques, tips, indexing strategies and gain the competitive edge you need in e-business. Welcome to Submit Corner. This website was developed with the goal of helping businesses and webmasters optimize their rankings to the top of search engines. We've created guides and web-based tools to help prepare and scan your website before submitting to search engines. Using our tools and guides, you get a full site optimization at your fingertips without costing you a penny. "


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