Saturday, September 03, 2005

css xhmtl2

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from my email:
Why should those of us who have plain vanilla websites that are HTML
compliant (whether we use CSS or not) care about this?

Because it is fun to keep up to date with our hobby

I am 69½ years old and enjoy being able to understand what the young people are getting up to.

I noticed one of the Opera browser people is on the committee for the XHTML2 which is a big recommendation for me
(I don't have opera on this machine btw)

In the end I suspect XHTML2 is going to be easier to make use of because more will be on the css

css xhmtl2

How easy is XHTML2? - Anne's Weblog: "If we consider that almost nobody understands HTML4 correctly (although lots of people say they do) XHTML2 will be though. Before you actually understand everything and know where you need to use it for you have probably read the specification and a few other documents. Maybe it is not so bad it is not backwards compatible, though because of this, lots of things have to be learned (again?). Some people think object will replace img. Though this is partly through object has a much better fallback solution. longdesc isn't needed anymore. But there are also other things which could replace img. Some designers, who think XHTML2 is the next evil thing want to apply everything by using CSS2 background images. I think that the src and type attributes could be used for images."

Anne's Weblog about Markup & Style

XHTML2: Accessible, Usable, Device Independent and Semantic: "XHTML2 is the next version of the XHTML family, and is going to last call Real Soon Now. This presentation gives an overview of what XHTML2 is trying to achieve"


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