Thursday, February 01, 2007

WorldConnect Living Persons

RootsWeb Newsroom » Blog Archive » WorldConnect Living Persons: "Recently there has been a lot of buzz surrounding WorldConnect’s privacy policies. As the programmer for WorldConnect I would like to take a few minutes to explain how WorldConnect displays information for living persons.

We have not made any changes to our policy for cutoff dates to remove living persons from your files. While you are in the Advanced user setup option for your tree (to get there, just click the “Advanced” button when logging in to WorldConnect), the help text reads:

This field specifies the year after which people without death
dates are considered living. Maximum value is 1930.

Although 1930 is the default date in our system you are able to be stricter than 1930 with your cutoff date, with a date like 1900 by going to the Advanced setup tools for your WorldConnect database.

So, everyone born after 1930 (at the maximum) without death information will either be cleaned or removed, based on what you, the database owner, choose. While you have the option of being more strict than WorldConnect’s defaults (such as choosing a cutoff or a date before 1930) you do not have the option of being less strict, with a date like 2007. 1930 is the standard living person cutoff date because of the published US 1930 Census.

If you are looking for deeper information than this q"


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