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always browse any list archives before subscribing - this is a tiny list

Topic: Discussing and sharing of information regarding the Lapham surname and variations and its world wide connections. The list owner particularly wishes to establish the links between the English and United States branches possibly via Devon, Bristol and Gloucester, England.

yes the "list Owner" is me - I prefer to say ADMIN

LAPHAM is my mother's maiden name but the records for seventeenth century England have many gaps an so my LAPHAM are still in Bristol and tailors and dressmakers.

Lapham, Alison Mary (b. Filton May 16, 1908, traines inBrighton, taught in Birminghsm, lived in Solihull as Mrs A. M. Watkins and d. Heartlands Hospital, Birmingham UK, December 22, 1999)

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I have a copy of a family record prepared by Increase Lapham in 1864 that traces the family back to John Lapham in Devonshire, England in 1634. John came to Providence, Rhode Island and married Mary Mann. They had 4 sons and 1 daughter. E mail me [Author: charlou howald] if you would like a copy.

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I am making a very low key LAPHAM one-name study - there are at least 18 000 in USA and in Australia and burials in Tasmania are also noted.

Kilmington parish registers are full of LAPHAM and LAPPAM - but why?

And where does the name originate?


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