Sunday, February 13, 2005

The Ohio Cemetery Repository

The Ohio Cemetery Repository: "If you have a photo from an Ohio Cemetery that you would like to contribute . . . . contact Andrea C. Heslin "

If your own tree is fairly complete, this is a popular hobby publishing cemeteries because grave stones fall down or decay or get broken.

Gone But Not Forgotten

There is one guy Allen Wheatley who calls himself "just an old man with a camera"

This is one of the 52,232 cemetery photos free at CEMETERIES Photographed in Texas, Oklahoma and the World as at 29 Aug 2003

As of May 1, 2004 I will no longer accept individual photographs. This is because it is a lot of trouble and they do not get the exposure your photos need, and because there are 2 excellent sites that allow you to place your pictures online for others to see (Find-A-Grave and Virtual-Cemetery, see other sites page) search, etc.

Complete Cemeteries are another thing.

I will still offer assistance for people wanting to place complete cemeteries online, whether on my site or on their own site. Allen Wheatley

2/11/2005 105,909 pictures on this site (1417 are from users).

CEMETERIES Photographed - Other Sites where cemetery Photos can be found

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