Sunday, March 20, 2005

[RW-Help] new website

from the RootsWeb-Help-L list in my email

I need step by step instructions on how to open a new website.
I have a password from rootsweb, ftp capability, and enough html for simple stuff.
Simple stuff is just what I want the website for. Can anyone help?
There must be a place somewhere that would offer a minimal tutorial.
I have maintained a website for three or four years. Just never opened one.
Nan Dixon

my answer:-

very simple
your first file is called index.html that is your front door

make a folder - subdirectory - called images to put graphics on ( like a storage cupboard for clutter)

with pencil and paper think about the structure you will create

the next page is sitemap.html
here is one of mine
the url are written out to make them easy to copy paste into email

here is my standard footer:-

dnkcen Site Map
updated May 21 2004 Hugh Watkins

that formula goes on the bottom of ALL my pages

dnkcen Site Map -- this links to the site map so no two pages /sections are more than two clicks from each other

updated May 21 2004 -- this helps me keep a check on things - nearly 100 pages

Hugh Watkins -- a special email address - so spam is not a problem, and I can see straight away where my new contact is coming from

here is my front page
Danish Census and Church Books : Welcome

here is my BIG site map
dnkcen Full Site Map mainly for web crawlers

scroll down and I have copy pasted part of the Directory Listing from
which I use rather than ftp

Listing of
ETC these are tne names of folders AKA sub-directories

and I used the windows wizard My network places to link to my site and drag and drop any images I needed.
BTW it also works the other way I can drag and drop my site to my own computer for back up purposes

I administer another site which I tidied up and then made this site map

I kept the old pages but moved all the images into an image folder, and I made an Inventory of images fom the file manager page on the 14th February 2004


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