Tuesday, March 15, 2005

stuff you never thought you wanted to know about google

Pagerank, PR, banned by Google: "The Web is boosted to be such a great thing because it is fully distributed and no central authority that controls it. This is not true any more. It is at best a centralized lookup system with a distributed file storage. 80-90 of the web traffic originates from Google. The central is Google, and if you get on the bad side of Google you are finished on the web."

Fragments main page: " - stuff you never thought you wanted to know.
Fragments are bits of useful information."

Never use META tag in html, syntax.: "A concept from the past.
written by: Jon Berg. - jon.berg |a| turtlemeat.com "

Most high ranked pages of the web: "Try to type in http in Google, and you will get the highest ranked web pages." Google Search: http

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