Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Site building - Wales 1774 or 1777 details

Wales 1774 or 1777 details
today I intended to continue with adding to that page

Instead I added navigation arrows to about 30 pages on Pitzner Jørgensen slægtssider

I started off experimenting in the sandbox
Index of /~hedvig/sandkassen sand - case - the

first I made this arrows quick and nasty test page
by copying some html from an Adobe Web Photo Gallery on my desktop

and of course editing in FileManger
it to produce some boiler-plate html which worked
this is the first time I began to experiment with relative URI

then I went to Homepage of Hugh Watkins
to try and ftp the whole album up

got the images done OK Index of /~hugh/photoalbum_test/images

dsc00011.jpg">test shot of wine glass not the URI is all lower case

but Adobe Adobe Web Photo Gallery used capital lettters DSC00011.jpg so it is broken until I use a find and change DSC to dsc

what you call a learning curve

Index of /~hugh/photoalbum_test/pages is the subdirectory


seems to work OK supposed to be html on this server

arrow doesn't work

DSC00013 is the target

then I need to add titles to all the photos


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