Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Adding simple colour to your WorldConnect upload site

Index of /~hedvig/css

I have just made my third one for my friend Hedvig
OK in Danish but ignore that

the css file is not !

in notepad make a new file with one line of text only (at this stage)


body {background-color: #ffffdc;}

(b) change #ffffdc to your own colour if you don't want pale lemon

NB google for
color picker
to get help

(c) your_ name_for_it.css
save as "all files" somewhere handy

all my sites have a standard
images folder
in future they will kave a css folder too as standard

and now I go to the online eitor and create a new directory css

in that directory (AKA folder) I uploaded the css file


I made a test file by copy-pasting some
code onto a new file in the online editor

see the results here
(note the css stuff in the header)


to fix
(or your own)
go to

Start Here
Also, go here to update or correct
your existing Family Tree

log on Advanced

In this field 5) Title
put the code below

"Slægtstavler" means family tree
there is no longer room for a long title

------------- 5) Title
<LINK REL=STYLESHEET TYPE="text/css" HREF="" >Slægtstavler

using your own css long LINK url or you will get Hedvig's lemon yellow

in this field

----------- 15) Page Heading
I put the old title as a heading

<h2>Slægtstavler for Hedvig Pitzner-Jørgensen </h2>efternavnene ØRUM, MEYER og PITZNER

simple text tags seem to work here like <br> newline
<b> bold
remember the /> end tags or the whole of your site will be bold or h2 down each page

(7) if it goes wrong
parctice makes perfect

just redo and redo redo unitl you get it right



<b> not followwed by </b>
<h1> was too big

<h2> follwed by <h2> instead of </h2>

/> need to be there

I had one effort
{ body: text center}
when I twigged it and changed center to left
all was OK again

You may use the on line "html editor" to edit any text or css or xml files once uploaded as well as html

good luck


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