Monday, October 10, 2005

Treasures Of The Past!

Treasures Of The Past!
If you want the music to stop playing just hit the "stop" button on your browser after the page is loaded. The music is "Grandpa" by "The Judds".

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because of - Affiliates: "What our affiliates are saying
'The Ancestry affiliate program has virtually changed my family's life. My genealogy web sites have become my full-time employment. The affiliate program staff is great to work with!'
- Bill Cribbs

'I'm proud to have my websites associated with, the leading source for online family history. Not only am I able to offer my readers top-notch databases from Ancestry, but also the money I make from Ancestry enables me offer large databases for free on my websites. It's win-win for genealogists!'
- K.R."


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