Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Jakob Nielsen on Usability and Web Design

Alertbox: Jakob Nielsen's Newsletter on Web Usability

Top Ten Web Design Mistakes of 2005 (October 3, 2005)

Writing for the Web means making content
  • short,
  • scannable, and
  • to the point (rather than full of fluffy marketese).
Web content should also
  • answer users' questions and
  • use common language rather than made-up terms (this also improves search engine visibility, since users search using their own words, not yours). Jakob Nielsen on Usability and Web Design: "User Experience 2006 Conference
> Seattle, October 22-28
> London, November 5-11

29 full-day tutorials on Web usability guidelines, intranet usability, corporate websites, email newsletters, Internet marketing, managing UE teams, writing for the Web, content management, search, personas, and much more."


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