Saturday, February 03, 2007

hacking rootsweb Project - Data Extraction - Scraping: " I am looking for a script that I can run on my machine or if you are going to extract and provide the data let me know this in the PMB area. I'm may go above the set budget if you extract and send me the file in RAR
The first site I need an extraction tool/script for is

Search requires a minimum of three characters and the wild card of ( * ) Don't see why you would need a name list for this but have a large list if needed. I want to be able to run the script from time to time as the database is updated frequently. I need all fields listed in the search results. Shouldn't be that hard to do this site.

Here is the next site I need a tool/script for

This one only requires on letter. The wild card is ( % ) and again shouldn't need a name list and should be able to get all names without difficulty.

If you know of other sources for date of birth records, marriage, divorce etc. please let me know and I may have you extract those. Already have zaba or their regular search anyway, birth database dot com, and any birthday dot com

I look for a guarantee the script will work and finish the job or ask you to change and adjust it as needed. I will pay half up front or escrow but not willing to p"


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