Monday, November 12, 2007

Websites as graphs

Websites as graphs - an HTML DOM Visualizer Applet

from my [ROOTSWEB-HELP] email:-

This is toooo cool !

Anyone who likes histograms will love this.

And for those who've never seen a histogram, no problem! Think of it as
just a pretty picture of your website.

It takes a while to do a page print (I couldn't get a screenshot). Or---
The guy (gal?) will make a jpg of it for a donation.

You can see how your web looks in a new way-- plus, you can run it every so
often to see how your web looks after additions. You can even check out
your friend's website--LOL

Hope everyone staggers when they go to this site--- it's such fun and I
wouldn't want to overload the person's site.


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