Thursday, July 17, 2008

RootsWeb FreePages

RootsWeb FreePages Banners and XHTML Doctype: "RootsWeb recently revised the masthead banners that are displayed on all free hosted websites. If you are using the HTML Transitional doctype and your pages already validate, you should experience no problems with the new banner validating.

If on the other hand, if your account is hosted on the FreePages server and you are using the XHTML doctype, your pages will no longer validate because of the bottom banner. Goods News, there is a “fix.”To change the banner code so that it will validate if you are using the XHTML doctype create a file named “banner_select” containing only that text: . . . continues . . "

Genealogy Computer Tips & Tutorials: "For those of you who may just be getting started with separating the presentation of your website from the content of your site by using cascading style sheets, understanding the difference between using id and class attributes may seem overwhelming. The id attribute provides a unique identifier for an element within the document. The class attribute classifies this element into one or more subtypes. The biggest difference between the ID and class attribute is that an ID can be used only once in a document while class can be used as many times as needed."


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