Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: Photo

--==HELP needed from Australia!!!==--

Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: Photo: Tip Ollemor: (Name?) ~ Kurt Jørgensen: Ca. 1 year old ~ Ollemor: Augusta Vilhelmine Møller ~ Ollefar: Jacob Marius Jørgensen ~ Faster: Eva Jørgensen

see RootsWeb Message Boards - Message [ Kobenhavn [Copenhagen] ]

Dose any one have an idea where the name Sternou and Gjelf came from?
They don’t seam particular Danish could some one give me a clue?

I believe that his father: Jacob Marius Jørgensen was a shoemaker and by coincident found a link on DDD

Viser husstandSamtlige personer i husstanden kbhv, København (Staden),

Blegdamsvej (Lige numre), No. 114, Matrikel 92 B, , 1. Sal, 4, FT-1885
Der vises flg. felter:
Navn, Alder, Civilstand, Stilling i husstanden, Erhverv , Fødested
Jacob Jørgensen, 43, Gift, Husfader, Skomagermester,
Hanssine Petrine Jørgensen, 43, Gift, Husmoder, ,
Jacobine Martine Jørgensen, 16, Ugift, Barn, ,
Frederik Christian Louis Jørgensen, 14, Ugift, Barn, ,
Eduard Emil Jørgensen, 11, Ugift, Barn, ,
Jacob Marius Jørgensen, 8, Ugift, Barn, ,
Anna Petrea Victoria Jørgensen, 5, Ugift, Barn, ,
Valther Paul Jørgensen, 3, Ugift, Barn, ,

Could some one confirm this in the archives or let me know the best way to do this?


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