Sunday, October 03, 2004

Are you using Dream Weaver, WS_FTP, or Front Page to publish your site?

in my email from
or RootsWeb: Genealogy Mailing Lists: Freepages-Help

In a message writes:
If you are trying to get to your file manager, you need to go to

Are you using Dream Weaver, WS_FTP, or Front Page to publish your site?
If so, you will need the information to upload. There's a login, password,
etc.....all of which can be found at the Rootsweb site. Of course, someone
familiar with that may be able to tell you exactly where to look, as I just
use the file manager to do all of my pages. It just seems a lot easier than
the programs available --

First DO use My Network Places in any Microsoft operating system
and the Wizard to set up this url

I use

you MUST use

and open it

then put into your browser address bar

Windows OS - and Netscape have built in ftp
separate utilities are unnecessary and belong to the past

if you paste:-
the edit this page after navigating to the one you want to fix

edit it using Netscape Composer
WYSWIG or TAGS of HTML code according to taste
and then publish
it works well
with one disadvantage it duplicated the gif and jpg
which were already in my images file on site.
so I used fileman to go on line (ie or into my folder on the Rootsweb machine's hard disk)
and delete the duplicates and repair the broken links which appeared in the page which is my front door to that site.

The changes to this Danish national archives web site on Monday 27th September 2004,
meant I needed to update that page twice this week,
adding the news about passwords and fixing some broken links

I used "right click for a new new window " in a google search string
which found the other three pages for me.

Then I found an URL had been changed and a link was was broken
the search string
found the 4 pages to fix
updated October 2 2004 Hugh Watkins
goes in the footers
Mrs. Google said:- "Your search - "updated October 2 2004 Hugh Watkins" - did not match any documents," which means google is not updated yet
finds nearly all my pages - and a noticeboard
and created "Hugh Watkins" finds 27 more,
and now I can see where I need to review and update
Please note all these tools are freebies !

BTW you don't really need to buy books on html anymore
finds which found two mistakes in my copy pastede code of
this page:-
both in line 287 - and so back to fileman

OH! and the people of define html and other standards
so a site search will find lists of character sets for example
and the latest version of HTML


Blogger Hugh Watkins said...

from my email:-

The correct address for using Explorer to FTP to Freepages is

Note the URL must include "freepages"

11:48 AM  
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