Saturday, October 02, 2004

Under construction

Randers Census Folketælling master index FT-1855
I have been resting this page since February 2004
and there are 997 links which I am indexing by street name
so I did 200 yesterday.

You can work with these web sites in several ways,
but I no longer use an FTP application because,
with My Network Places in a newer Microsoft OS,
I can just drag and drop files into the folders on my desktop.

Yesterday I used Netscape Communicator to edit Danish parish registers and census online help the front page but the application insisted on uploading new copies of the three graphics - waving Dannebrog, tiny Dannebrog and the background which I keep in my images folder private ! be gone ! that one is closed by an .index.html page.

When I took over responsibility for Merionethshire WalesGenWeb pages, I added an images folder and moved the images into it, then an index which became an inventory of images by editing the web editor page.
Next I created a site history folder into which I moved the older pages like Merionethshire WalesGenWeb and repaired the links to the new postiuons of the images.

This work is most easily done by using FreePages File Manager but I have had a frightful job to log on to dnkcen when using the online file manger for the last two days.

RootsWeb: Freepages gives unlimited web space which is paid for by ancestry dot com and their advertising. This means most of my stuff is ISP independant and free of charge with a good chance of survivng my own death.

It is difficult to navigate from Home Page
to RootsWeb Online Editor system, because you have to remember to go via RootsWeb's HelpDesk Index and scroll down to get to RootsWeb HelpDesk: Online Web Editor

Anyway I logged on yesterday by trial and error - I hope I can remember how to today !


Blogger Hugh Watkins said...

The Help Desk at Rootsweb came up trumps

the log on problem was probably caused by my update to Windows XP service pack 2

I made a preferred site and was able to do the business

6:53 PM  
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