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RootsWeb is funded and supported by and our loyal RootsWeb community. Learn more about us:-

1. RootsWeb.comOur staff continues to work hard to provide the best tools and resources for your genealogy research. We hope you continue to explore the possibilities we offer.

2. Ancestry.comWe depend on for our financial support — if you support, you support us.

Their support enables us to develop new programs, evolve existing ones, and expand the collections and services we offer you.

The site offers over 1.7 billion names, and new records are being added to the site each business day.
Access 550 million names in's complete U.S. Federal Census Images Collection, which includes all census images from 1790-1930.

Subscribe to Ancestry's new United Kingdom and Ireland Records Collection, with records of 100 million names from England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland.

I do, I do, and I was an early adopter, and therefore I am an evangelist for and as an old guy at home they bring the archives as images to me 24/7 in my own home.

Exploring Ancestry dot com and co uk
- blogging my own blog - but the two sites are so closely linked

Readers of Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter voted the "Best Genealogy Site on the World Wide Web" for 2000 in the newsletter's fourth annual contest. made the Wall Street Journal, in a sidebar to an article titled "Hi-Tech Rivals Search for 'Sticky' Web Sites."
The top ten "sticky" sites were listed, which included,,, was ranked No. 10. (February 1999)

Mediametrix rates in its of the 500 most popular websites on the Internet. (November 1998)Ziff-Davis, publisher of many computer magazines, interviewed as one of its Top 100 sites on the Internet. (November 1998) ( is the oldest and largest free online community for genealogists.
The site contains extensive interactive guides and numerous research tools for tracing family histories.
On the site's WorldConnect Project contains more than 300 million ancestor names.

The RootsWeb Surname List consists of a registry of over a million surnames submitted by more than 225,000 online genealogists. also boasts more than 27,000 mailing lists, almost 13 million postings on more than 138,000 message boards, and more than 11 million records in it's user-contributed database area.

which is why I need the two blogs to explore these immense sites.


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