Saturday, November 06, 2004

RootsWeb List Tools Finder

RootsWeb List Tools Finder from my email

[RootsWeb announce] LISTS5 server is offline for mailing lists, other list servers are operational

Hi list administrators,

The server LISTS5 is off-line with respect to sending and
distributing mail, and it will be so **at least** for another couple
of days. All other list servers are operating normally.

How do you know if your list is on LIST2, LISTS3, LISTS5 or LISTS8?
Go to your lists tools via
Convert LISTNAME to your list's name. If the url changes to reflect
LISTS2, LISTS3 or LISTS8, then it is not on LISTS5. If it still says
LISTS or LISTS5, then it is on LISTS5

The basic story is that the server had had a hard disk problem
earlier in the week, and when the disk was recovered by the system
administrators, something else was broken and there followed a chain
reaction that I was unable to stop until I got online later in the
day. It will take a bit of cleaning up, nothing fatal just plain
nuisance and time consuming.

Brief information will be posted to the HelpDesk announcements zone,
for the information of list subscribers.

As I am able, I will send messages to Listowners-L and for those not
subscribed, you can see the messages in RootsWeb: listowners-L Archives

As this mailing list is on LISTS, you will be unable to subscribe to
the list for messages.

If there is special information that you have to know about the
repair operations, then these will be sent to you via this mailing
list. For the moment, if there are any urgent questions or issues,
please use the HelpDesk form
Please don't mail me directly as I have a bit of work to keep me

Regards, Andrew
RootsWeb staff - mailing lists and mail
Andrew Billinghurst
Adopt-a-mailing list -> #1 Source for Family History Online

RootsWeb: listowners-L [info] Had to manually upgrade spam filters - watch Blocked Mail from Andrew

more words of wisdom from Andrew
Google Search: and another denizen Google Search:


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