Wednesday, February 16, 2005

History of Nantucket - Scraps of Family History

History of Nantucket - Scraps of Family History: "The writer in reading some letters written by his Mother to her Mother during her married life was very much puzzled because they often mentioned relatives of whom he had no knowledge as--Aunty Judith, Cousin Hepsie, Uncle Ben etc. and he considered his duty to into some inquiries as to who they could be but owing to the fact that this resolve was taken very late in life he found that those that might have told had passed away. So he started a search of Bible and genealogical records to ascertain the history of the family. So little by little facts were secured and going back he found that the ancestors on his Mother's side was centered very largely in the Island of Nantucket as well as some of the early New England towns as it has proved quite interesting to him he has decided to make a record of what he found which may or may not be interesting to my family in later years."


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