Tuesday, March 22, 2005

More tips for creating a web aite

Great Website Design Tips was top of this google search today
Google Search: website+design+tips

Build your own website in 5 minutes ignore that is just a commercial plug for some software better see WebsiteTips.com sitemap, html tutorial, web design tips, web page design tips, web design tips, fonts, articles, tutorials, resources, HTML and a well laid out page too

How to Make a Website of Your Own
the tools of the trade are photoshop and dream weaver says Carmen Mardiros

Carmen Mardiros - spoil sport if link is broken LOL

at Web Site Marketing Services - Internet Marketing Consultant for UK Businesses

the absolute top web guru in my opinion is Jakob Nielsen

Jakob Nielsen, Nielsen/Norman Group

"But, says usability guru Dr Jakob Nielsen, some things have stayed constant in that decade, namely the principles of what makes a site easy to use.
Dr Nielsen has looked back at a decade of work on usability and considered whether the 34 core guidelines drawn up back then are relevant to the web of today.
'Roughly 80% of the things we found 10 years ago are still an issue today,' he said.
'Some have gone away because users have changed and 10% have changed because technology has changed.'" snipped

Dr Nielsen said the success of sites such as Google, Amazon, eBay and Yahoo showed that close attention to design and user needs was important.
"Those four sites are extremely profitable and extremely successful," said Dr Nielsen, adding that they have largely defined commercial success on the net.

All are based on user empowerment and make it easy for people to do things on the internet," he said.
"They are making simple but powerful tools available to the user.

"None of them have a fancy or glamorous look," he added,
declaring himself surprised that these sites have not been more widely copied.

In the future, Dr Nielsen believes that search engines will play an even bigger part in helping people get to grips with the huge amount of information online.
"They are becoming like the operating system to the internet," he said.

Design by Fire: An open letter to Jakob Nielsen

Digital Web Magazine - Dr. Jakob Nielsen: "Dr. Jakob Nielsen: Probably the most surprising recent finding came in our study of the usability of Web-based applications in Flash.
Even though the Flash designs themselves had plenty of usability issues and could be improved in many ways, the single biggest factor in the study turned out to be the integration between the application and the hosting Web site."

Books by Nielsen Norman Group authors:
"The members of Nielsen Norman Group are user experience pioneers: they defended users and usability before it became popular to do so. They were also hypertext pioneers years before the Web. Their books have defined the field: since 1986 they have published most of the classic books about human interfaces.

Don Norman's book, The Design of Everyday Things, was ranked as the best book ever written about user interfaces in a survey of user interface professionals at the CHI 2000 conference.

Jakob Nielsen's book, Designing Web Usability: The Practice of Simplicity is the number-one best-selling book ever about user interfaces, with more than a quarter million copies in print in 22 languages. "

other issues
Google Search: effective+website+navigation

Designing Effective Website Navigation: "Website navigation theory is perhaps one of the most essential skills required to build a successful website, yet it is also often a neglected course of study for many webmasters. Many webmasters wonder why visitors seldom seem to look beyond their index page. While you can't make everyone look at your entire website, designing an effective navigation system for your website can greatly improve the visitor's experience and encourage 'deeper' browsing."

What my american friends call elevator music - background music - is my number one hate (and in RL real life too - I feel it is an invasion of my privacy and my thoughts, a professional musicians like me thinks in sound too).

And I am sorry to say that number two is flash and heavy graphics, don't get me wrong - I love flash for film sequences and games and information - but these animations should be on the site and not in front of it.

Notice how tastefully the Macromedia site uses their own products
Studio MX 2004 or Studio with Flash Pro.
and see Macromedia - Volvo: Moved by Flash Video

and finally Google Search: web+design+readability

Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design (Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox)
... Web design disasters and HTML horrors are legion, though many usability ... that needs to be browsed or read on the screen into real web pages

Write for online, not print. To draw users into the text and support scannability, use well-documented tricks:

bulleted lists
highlighted keywords
short paragraphs
the inverted pyramid
a simple writing style, and
de-fluffed language devoid of marketese.

Jakob's Law of the Web User Experience states that "users spend most of their time on other websites."

This means that they form their expectations for your site based on what's commonly done on most other site. If you deviate, your site will be harder to use and users will leave.

Web Design For Dyslexia
Web Design for Dyslexic Users. ... Why don't you use larger fonts on this web site to make it easier for dyslexic people to read?

Unfortunately, the preferences of dyslexic people vary considerably.


We also do not use background images or patterns, flashing text, or animated graphics. All of these can make reading more difficult.
We have also tried to make our pages readable in text only format, and compatible with speech-synthesizing software. For that reason, we do not capitalize words or phrases.

Many speech-syntesizer programs will read a capitalized word letter-by-letter.
Abigail Marshall, DDAI


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