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Web sites are servers connected to the Internet. On Web sites, you can publish Web pages in a format called HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language).
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The easiest way to create a Web page is to use a Web authoring-tool, also called an HTML-authoring tool.
Some of the more common authoring tools are Composer, which is free and available from Netscape, FrontPage, which is available for purchase from Microsoft, and Dreamweaver, which is available for purchase from Macromedia. These tools write the HTML code for you as you compose your page. Using them is similar to using a word processor such as Microsoft Word.

As an alternative, you can create Web pages by writing the HTML code yourself in a text editor program such as Notepad.
Pointers to learning HTML include Writing HTML: A tutorial for creating Web pages,

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thanks for a neat FAQ
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Genealogy Today: Family Tree History, Ancestry, Free Lookups:
"Your Genealogy and Family Tree Source

This site has been helping connect families since 1999 with original articles from experienced genealogists, its unique collection of databases and innovative search tools, and a marketplace with hundreds of products for family tree building.
With more than 44,000 registered members, Genealogy Today helps connect researchers with common family lines, while providing time-saving resources to stay abreast of new information. "

I tried a look up
Family Tree Connection
Minimum Term
12 Months*
$ 29.95 [ £19.19 ]

BUT this data below is freely avilable on the web anyway
I recognise the usual suspects

New England Early Genealogy
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LAPHAM, Elizabeth
[Subscribe for Full Access]
TILDEN, M. [Subscribe for Full Access]
Date of Birth
1630's [Subscribe for Full Access]
Date of Death
1670's [Subscribe for Full Access]


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