Tuesday, November 15, 2005

RootsWeb: Volunteer Spotlight

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RootsWeb: Volunteer Spotlight: "RootsWeb.com values each individual and organization that volunteers their time and talents to making our site one of the best on the Internet. We hope you enjoy meeting some of these outstanding volunteers whose dedication have made a difference to RootsWeb.com and other researchers."

RootsWeb: Volunteer Spotlight: "The HelpDesk was created when the RootsWeb.com founders were overwhelmed with e-mail, and needed assistance with answering them. RootsWeb.com users volunteered to do this, and have manned the HelpDesk ever since. The volunteer staff currently includes six members, each of whom have a different specialty.

They include Patricia Caster, Leigh "Elsi" Compton, Pat Asher, Chris Hankins, Carol Sterling, Clare Midgley, and Josh Taylor. "

As RootsWeb.com users know, a new culture and process for genealogical research was shaped with the development of the Internet. Rather than spending hours in a genealogy library, researchers are now able to search a variety of records from the comfort of their own homes. However, it is only through the efforts of many volunteers that much of this information is available for free.


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