Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Web Page Mistakes

Uncommon Fonts: "Using uncommon fonts in your web page or website can be a problem.
Windows based and Mac based computers come with different fonts installed by default.
One problem web designers have is that they forget that the average computer user may not have the same fonts installed on their machine.
Once you add a program such as a word processing program or graphics program to your machine it will most likely add additional fonts to your computer also.
So, you happily design your web page/website with the fonts available on your computer. You upload the site then go over to your friend?s house or client?s office to show off what you have done. Disaster! The page looks nothing like you intended."

Legibility: "Heading structure is important not only to present a clear structure to the web page but also in consideration of those using text readers and the search engines."


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