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Uploading web account pages


How do I upload pages to my web account?


Once you have created your web pages, you must upload them to the server so the rest of the world can see them. There are several types of programs that can be used to upload files. If you create them online in the Online Editor you automatically upload them when you "save" them in the Editor. Other HTML Editors you may include an upload utility as part of the program. Consult the documentation for the program you are using.

Many current browsers support file uploads and include a File Transfer Protocol (FTP). FTP is a special type of connection that allows you to transfer (copy) files from your computer to a server such as RootsWeb. You can upload files to the server as well as download from the server to your computer. General instructions for uploading to the Freepages server using your browser are available by clicking here. Consult your browser documentation for instructions specific to your browser and the version you are using. If your Web account is not located on the Freepages server, modify the ftp:// address in the instructions to reflect the location of your account.


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