Saturday, December 11, 2004

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Living in Western Australia and trying to track down my antecedents on theinternet is proving difficult to say the least!I have back-tracked my family to WILLIAM WATKIN, born 1845 in Southwell,Nottinghamshire.
He married ELIZABETH NEWTON MOREWOOD on 21st July 1870 atEcclesall Church, Ecclesall Bierlow, Sheffield.

A witness at their wedding was aTHOMAS WATKIN, occupation "Tailor" - father or brother?I have not yet been able to get a copy of WILLIAM's Birth Certificate to confirmhis parents......and until I can get back to England to start haunting the RegistrationOffices, Parish Records, Cemeteries etc, am reliant on the internet and perhaps- with luck - someone out there whose research converges with mine. I would bevery, VERY grateful for any help!!

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