Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Pitzner Jørgensen slægtssider

Pitzner Jørgensen slægtssider

netscape 7.2
and notepad

were used to make this little site

together with RootsWeb Online Editor system
and a drag and drop in Windows XP to upload the picture
which I first resized in IrfanView

(which was"stolen" from dnkcen Site Map
the text was edited - but need to fix the colour )

and an images folder

oops needs an index file to "shut the door"
in english -
Hedvig's Family Pages

And here is a story worth reading about this russian lady
who fled to USA in 1918 - Countess Maria Koutousova

It took two evenings

I do cheat by using the Blog This button
on the Google toolbar to create instant HREF tags
which I copy paste into the Online Editor


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