Monday, December 20, 2004

Freepages at Rootsweb

Google Search: CuteHTML Price: $49.99 was used to make

OBBARD FAMILY RESEARCHa web site designed to promote interest in, and help share research on, the Obbard surname and its variants Obbards and Obard.

found form
RootsWeb: Freepages-Help-L Nelda - I've done it: "Hello all, but especially Nelda

Well I took the advice and re-wrote (with a little help) my web site by learning HTML. I've just uploaded it:

and whilst I'm the first to admit it's not perfect its not too bad for a beginner.
Thanks to everyone who offered help and advice

Sylvia "

a good example of what can be done to share your work effectively.


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