Sunday, February 20, 2005



from Freepages-Help list:-
Hello list. It was time to rework my site, trim the fat, and get back to simple things that should make it easier for the visitor, and the webmaster. The new home page helps.

The biggest changes were in
1) the "scrolling tree" presentation, which is made of tables, and now uses SSI to put the pieces together.
Does it seem to work properly for anyone who cares to check it out?

Addition 2) was taking a FTM descendant report, and converting it into HTML.
Now viewers can choose which method they would like to see the data.
The report was converted using NOTE-TAB Lite, and was quite easy to tweak the format. Looking at the source code, you will see the uncomplicated HTML code.
(While small in comparison, I did notice that this report was too large for NotePAD.)
Opinions welcome from a helpful group.


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