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Adobe Photoshop vs. Photoshop Elements - A Comparison

Adobe Photoshop vs. Photoshop Elements - A Comparison: "Is Photoshop worth the extra $500 compared to Photoshop Elements?
For most people, probably not. But for creative professionals such as designers and photographers, yes!
If you are a home user or hobbyist, save your money and go with Photoshop Elements. It has all the features of Photoshop that you are likely to ever need. However, if you are planning to enter the graphic design or photography business, you will need to know industry-standard Photoshop, which offers many more advanced tools and productivity enhancements over Photoshop Elements. Although the price difference (and learning curve) for the full Photoshop program are steep, students can purchase Photoshop at significantly discounted educational prices. "

Corel Paint Shop Pro XPhoto Editing Software, Photo Editors: "Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8 and Microsoft Digital Image Pro 9, are more user-friendly.' (Note that Jasc Paint Shop is now offered as Corel Paint Shop Pro X.)"

Corel Corp. - Products: " Corel Paint Shop Pro X offers the ideal combination of automatic photo fixes and precision manual controls ideal for beginning photo editors and professionals alike. "

Microsoft Digital Image Suite 9 review by PC Magazine
testing revealed that Digital Image Pro suffers from several intrinsic limitations. For example, the Stack lets you adjust transparency and change the stacking order in a photo montage, but you can't assign different blending modes (like multiply or overlay) as you can in the other programs here. Likewise, Digital Image Pro's brush-based tools come in only seven predefined sizes. And with the exception of GIF animations, Digital Image Pro doesn't output sophisticated Web graphics, like Web galleries or JavaScript mouse-overs.