Thursday, September 30, 2004

Google Search: "become an admin"

Google Search: "become an admin"

which is how to check out where help is needed.

Using attachments to post a source

When posting a new message it is easy to overlook the function :-

Attachments: [ Add ]

which is one line above the >> [Post Message] << href="">Hans Petur Ellingsgaard in Faeroe Islands

>> You may only upload GEDCOM files or graphics files.
Graphics files will be converted to .JPG or .GIF upon upload.
Other files types are not accepted.<<

obviously any text should be in the body of the message to which URL may be added as hot links leading to other stuff.

Hugh W

Schleswig, Holstein and Denmark or Germany?

RootsWeb Message Boards - Message [ Sonderjylland ]:
"Schleswig, Holstein and Denmark or Germany?"

the sort of stuff I scribble before breakfast with the help of google and some copy pasting with attributions as URL

I am basically adding background data for the family historians and knowledge geography is important in understanding which archives, or film, to search, and in reading names of places.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Find a Board Results: 17 matches for "denmark"

Welcome, Danish Genealogy (my latest handle)
You are registered to administer the following [except the 4 marked NOT] :

NOT 1. Boards > Localities > Scandinavian and Baltic States > Denmark > General

2. Boards > Localities > Scandinavian and Baltic States > Denmark > Counties > Bornholm
3. Boards > Localities > Scandinavian and Baltic States > Denmark > Counties > Frederiksborg
4. Boards > Localities > Scandinavian and Baltic States > Denmark > Counties > Fyn
5. Boards > Localities > Scandinavian and Baltic States > Denmark > Counties > Nordjylland
6. Boards > Localities > Scandinavian and Baltic States > Denmark > Counties > Ribe

NOT 7. Boards > Localities > Scandinavian and Baltic States > Denmark > Counties > Ringkobing

8. Boards > Localities > Scandinavian and Baltic States > Denmark > Counties > Roskilde
9. Boards > Localities > Scandinavian and Baltic States > Denmark > Counties > Sonderjylland

NOT 10. Boards > Localities > Scandinavian and Baltic States > Denmark > Counties > Storstrom

11. Boards > Localities > Scandinavian and Baltic States > Denmark > Counties > Vejle
12. Boards > Localities > Scandinavian and Baltic States > Denmark > Counties > Viborg

NOT 13. Boards > Localities > Scandinavian and Baltic States > Denmark > Counties > Aarhus

14. Boards > Localities > Scandinavian and Baltic States > Denmark > Counties > Kobenhavn [Copenhagen]
15. Boards > Localities > Scandinavian and Baltic States > Denmark > Counties > Vestjalland

16. Boards > Surnames > Denmark

17. Boards > Topics > Census > Denmark > General

all very quiet but it is nice to be back after a holiday

Monday, September 27, 2004

Boards > Surnames > Schultz

Messages posted to this board also appear in the "SCHULTZ" mailing list.

Boards > Surnames > Schultz

this is a good busy board

eg " Born: Russia,
Parent's born: Russia,
Language spoken: Jewish,
Immigration date: 1907"

USA and Prussia and Germany too

but not so much Denmark
so outside my scope
all cleaned up to about (1550 messages) May 2004

this was the first major board I "cleaned up"
which means editing the headers to the correct standards ,
and moving, or deleting, off topic messages

It took one afternoon.

so please take it on by clicking on Become An Admin

put it in "My Notifications"
and you get an email evry 24 hours
listing what's new on the boards you read. Home Page Home Page

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1. RootsWeb.comOur staff continues to work hard to provide the best tools and resources for your genealogy research. We hope you continue to explore the possibilities we offer.

2. Ancestry.comWe depend on for our financial support — if you support, you support us.

Their support enables us to develop new programs, evolve existing ones, and expand the collections and services we offer you.

The site offers over 1.7 billion names, and new records are being added to the site each business day.
Access 550 million names in's complete U.S. Federal Census Images Collection, which includes all census images from 1790-1930.

Subscribe to Ancestry's new United Kingdom and Ireland Records Collection, with records of 100 million names from England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland.

I do, I do, and I was an early adopter, and therefore I am an evangelist for and as an old guy at home they bring the archives as images to me 24/7 in my own home.

Exploring Ancestry dot com and co uk
- blogging my own blog - but the two sites are so closely linked

Readers of Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter voted the "Best Genealogy Site on the World Wide Web" for 2000 in the newsletter's fourth annual contest. made the Wall Street Journal, in a sidebar to an article titled "Hi-Tech Rivals Search for 'Sticky' Web Sites."
The top ten "sticky" sites were listed, which included,,, was ranked No. 10. (February 1999)

Mediametrix rates in its of the 500 most popular websites on the Internet. (November 1998)Ziff-Davis, publisher of many computer magazines, interviewed as one of its Top 100 sites on the Internet. (November 1998) ( is the oldest and largest free online community for genealogists.
The site contains extensive interactive guides and numerous research tools for tracing family histories.
On the site's WorldConnect Project contains more than 300 million ancestor names.

The RootsWeb Surname List consists of a registry of over a million surnames submitted by more than 225,000 online genealogists. also boasts more than 27,000 mailing lists, almost 13 million postings on more than 138,000 message boards, and more than 11 million records in it's user-contributed database area.

which is why I need the two blogs to explore these immense sites.

Ethics and genealogy

Start at RootsWeb Message Boards and then click into browse all topics

follow the snail trail Boards > Topics > Methods > Ethics in Genealogy

anf you will find some of my stuff on applied philosophy (which I studied in evening classes of the Open University (Humanoria) of Copenhagen University as part of my preparation for old age, retirement, and a final career as a writer).

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Norway Seamen Research

Mariners in Norwegian Archives



Join Mariners-L mailing list

Subscription is FREE!
Send a message to with the ONE word SUBSCRIBE in the body of the message. Any other words will cause your message not to be recognised. Just that one word

RootsWeb Mailing List Search

RootsWeb Mailing List Search

This is an interface to the archives for most of the RootsWeb mailing lists, current through the past day or so.

Browing RootsWeb: Mariners-L Archives

one of my efforts searching ancestry gets archived

RootsWeb: Mariners-L HMS Bullfinch and PAYNE and schooner JULIA and HMS Unknown was Re: [Mar] Danish Monarch

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

RootsWeb: Genealogy Mailing Lists and GOONS' forum

RootsWeb: Genealogy Mailing Lists

A complete index to RootsWeb's
28,503 genealogy mailing lists!

RootsWeb: Genealogy Mailing Lists: GOONS AKA Guild of One-Name Studies

Benefits of membership include:- The Guild Forum

"This is a lively discussion forum where members can discuss the Guild, one-name studies and other genealogical matters. It is only open only to Guild members.
By joining the group, you will have ready access to help and advice from other members. You will also be able to participate in discussions, (or simply be a bystander) - above all, the List (or Forum) provides a fast, convenient and inexpensive means of keeping in touch. Members are encouraged to participate in the group's activities."

one of the best lists

Monday, September 20, 2004

Boards Administrators message board

This board is a help list on how to use the message boards from the administrative point of view.
This board is NOT for queries, gedcoms, family group sheets, or other chart type information.

Boards > Topics > RootsWeb > Administrative > Boards Administrators

DO read the words of wisdom by Joan Young

Messages posted to this board also appear in the "" mailing list. RootsWeb: Genealogy Mailing Lists: BOARDS-ADMINS


if you click on Become an Admin you get to agree to:-

The responsibilities of a board administrator are as follows:

  • A board administrator is expected to keep contact information current by listing a valid working e-mail address accessible to board users on the Info page for the board. An administrator may also include on the Info page a welcome message and/or instructions for posting to the board, as well as any relevant links to Web sites related to the subject of the board.

  • A board administrator is expected to review new messages posted on the board to ensure they do not violate the rules set forth for posting; to remove those that are in violation of message board rules. The administrator is also responsible for removing a message when requested by the poster.

  • In addition, a board administrator is encouraged to take the lead in discussion on a board where possible, to assist users with searching and posting, and to promote interest in using the board.

  • Since activity from one board to another can vary greatly, it is impossible to estimate the amount of time necessary to maintain a specific board. However, it does not involve an extensive amount of time, and no special tools other than e-mail and Internet access are necessary.
but for practical help go to Boards Administrators message board

Request New Board | Message Board Rules | Message Board FAQ | Message Board Help

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I use a google site search to look for vacancies

Google Search: "become an admin" and add keywords

eg Google Search: surnames "become an admin"

Google Search: topics "become an admin"

I see Boards > Topics > Census > Denmark > General
still needs an ADMIN but
Boards > Topics > Occupations > British Mariners is OK

both boards were created at my request.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

About my blogs


  • This is my oldest blog and I use this for news and notes about my site
    Danish Census and Church Books, other sites, and my daily surfing of the net.
    The blog has been rightly criticised as chaotic but googling will discover some pearls.

  • Exploring Rootsweb

  • I spent a lot of time adminstering message boards and will build up a guide to Rootsweb.

  • Exploring Ancestry dot com and co uk

  • I log on here nearly every day to surf the census and do look ups for myself and friends, and it is so big that a guide is needed to the many databases.

  • Getting to know AOL

  • America Online has become my favourite ISP in UK and I use AOL for chat and as a BBS.

  • Viking

  • This will eventually include a viking novel in public first draft, but also has stuff about modern Denmark.

  • 1805

  • This started as a project to translate selected pages of the diary of Hans Christian Andersen but he was born the same year that Vice Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson died and I am comparing what UK and DK will celebrate in their 2005 bicentenary .

  • Memories

  • I am living history because I was born in 1936.

  • Hugh's Review of Reviews

  • My first success as a freelancee journalist was in the Record Review in 1960, and I enjoy bring critical and analytical. I have retired as a musician and recommencing my career as a writer, I have decided to self-publish in the blogsphere rather than on paper.

  • Hugh's Bloog

  • This is about blogging - and other silly stuff like my health and web oddities.

LAPHAM surname board and list

Boards > Surnames > Lapham

Messages posted to this board also appear in the "" mailing list.

RootsWeb: Genealogy Mailing Lists: LAPHAM Surname

  • Archives. You can search the archives for a specific message or browse them, going from one message to another. Some list archives are not available; if there is a link here to an archive but the link doesn't work, it probably just means that no messages have been posted to that list yet.
always browse any list archives before subscribing - this is a tiny list

Topic: Discussing and sharing of information regarding the Lapham surname and variations and its world wide connections. The list owner particularly wishes to establish the links between the English and United States branches possibly via Devon, Bristol and Gloucester, England.

yes the "list Owner" is me - I prefer to say ADMIN

LAPHAM is my mother's maiden name but the records for seventeenth century England have many gaps an so my LAPHAM are still in Bristol and tailors and dressmakers.

Lapham, Alison Mary (b. Filton May 16, 1908, traines inBrighton, taught in Birminghsm, lived in Solihull as Mrs A. M. Watkins and d. Heartlands Hospital, Birmingham UK, December 22, 1999)

Message Board Post:
I have a copy of a family record prepared by Increase Lapham in 1864 that traces the family back to John Lapham in Devonshire, England in 1634. John came to Providence, Rhode Island and married Mary Mann. They had 4 sons and 1 daughter. E mail me [Author: charlou howald] if you would like a copy.

Message Board URL:

I am making a very low key LAPHAM one-name study - there are at least 18 000 in USA and in Australia and burials in Tasmania are also noted.

Kilmington parish registers are full of LAPHAM and LAPPAM - but why?

And where does the name originate?

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Best way to search census - Help please

Author: Melanie Barr
"Just joined and cannot for the life of me understand how 'Hugh' gets the results of searches that he gets.
What am I missing. Where should I start my search?"

read the thread for some answers
Ancestry Message Boards - Message [ United Kingdom and Ireland ]:
Author: Hugh Watkins

Staying On-Topic from RootsWeb Review Archives


1a. RootsWeb Mailing Lists: Staying On-Topic

If you subscribe to one or more of the RootsWeb mailing lists that
cover more than 28,400 surnames, localities, and genealogy-related
topics, you probably realize that each of these lists was created
to serve a specific topic of discussion.

Genealogical discussion concerning your CLAPSADDLE (KLEBSATTEL) family
in Germany would not be a suitable topic of discussion on a list devoted
the USA Oregon Trail Pioneers, for instance. A request for a lookup in a
Philadelphia city directory would be off-topic on a list devoted to
Welsh coal miners.

Most of us recognize the extremes that are obviously off-topic, but with
genealogical matters, it is not always so clear-cut. Some discussion
topics can overlap into another area -- for instance, your CLAPSADDLEs
might have immigrated to Sidney, Australia, opening up a new geographic
area into the discussion. They might have married into the MORSE family,
thus introducing a new surname into a thread or they might have joined
an obscure religious sect about which you'd like to learn more."
read more here:

RootsWeb Review Archives - 2004: "Each issue of the RootsWeb Review newsletter includes information about additions and/or changes to (such as new databases, mailing lists, and websites), plus tips on using, genealogical research, humor, readers' stories and tips, and other articles of interest to family historians around the world."

Search the Archives

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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

dnkcen Site Map

ROOTS-L: The Internet's First Genealogy Mailing List

ROOTS-L: The Internet's First Genealogy Mailing List: "ROOTS-L is a mailing list for people who are interested in any or all aspects of genealogy, anywhere in the world. We're the original Internet genealogical mailing list (our first messages were posted in 1987), and the largest. But that doesn't mean we're not interested in new faces, new queries, new knowledge. Please join us! "

ROOTS-L started out as a LISTSERV mailing list at NDSU in late 1987. Yup, that means we just celebrated our 11th anniversary!

Anyhow, after several contented years at NDSU, in August, 1995, we moved to the then new LISTSERV at eWorld. In July of 1996, the list again moved, hopefully for the last time (this business of moving mailing lists around isn't nearly as fun as they say, trust me!), to a SmartList mailing list hosted by RootsWeb. (Not to put too fine a point on it, but that was more or less the formal start of RootsWeb.)

The other major change was due to a poll taken in early 1996, which indicated an high level of support for the screening messages, to eliminate LISTSERV commands, reposted digests, etc. So after redesigning the system we use for screening to expedite the approval of messages and protect against losing them, all ROOTS-L messages are prescreened.

structure and privacy

Rootsweb has three main threads

BBS or message boards


and home pages

eg MOUNTAIN TIES: "The people of the Central Appalachians"

Genealogists use RootsWeb and the incredible power of the Internet to learn more about ancestors and to find far-flung cousins. However we are caught in an incongruous position on privacy matters.

Everyone wants their privacy respected, but are you invading that of your relatives? Technology enables us to share genealogical information easily and quickly via e-mail, mailing lists, chat rooms, bulletin boards, newsgroups, GEDCOMs, CDs and Web sites. In our eagerness to obtain and to share data we forget that our living family members have a right to privacy. We also post personal details about ourselves that we would not put on the local supermarket bulletin board.
see Privacy and the Internet

Melungeon Heritage Page

Monday, September 06, 2004


I have just ended a stint as an ADMIN or volunteer,
so I am going to blog news and views.

Welcome to the RootsWeb Message Boards!

Hugh W