Monday, March 19, 2007

page title

Cyndi's List: "Indexing links every day makes this topic one I frequently grumble about. Why don't people properly title their web site/pages?

If you publish a book you put your book's title on the front cover, on the spine, and on the title page. And most publishers would tend to insist that you should use the same consistent title on each of these spots. So, why don't people do the same on their web sites?"

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Adobe mgazine

Adobe Magazine for Creative Professionals
Eclectic branded entertainment. Pioneering interactive design. Artsy niche magazines. Explore design without boundaries — and discover the secrets that help this work shine

what a pain getting a zip and having to unzip on a MacBook pro
with broadband pdf is simpler

at 100% on an apple cinema screen it looks blurred
the graphic theme is noisy and clicheed
and if you know Iceland that bit was silly

if I touch my mouse wheel to scroll this ridiculous comments box the silly thing jumps to another page
Computer Weekly has afar better on line version technology

show us typography as good as the best of hot lead - the descenders on this face are too small and hinder reading

you better hire Jakob Neilsen as a useability consultant
on this page 27 alone the colours are a mess - not even ethnic