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The_Egbert_Family_History: "A comprehensive study of the Egbert family with photographs, stories,
and extensive information about over 60 related families. "

King Egbert, first king of all England,
reigning from 820-839, and grandfather of Alfred the Great.

There is a legend in most sections of the Egbert family that we descend from King Egbert.
There is some record of family members in the past tracing their lineage back to him, but specifics have not yet been found.
We're working on it....

Egbert_OutlinesTable_of_Contents I like the layout

Historical_Dates_Netherlands Early_Frisian_History
but the language overlaps to southern Jutland, Denamrk and northern Germany.
As soldiers, yes mercenaries, and sailors they were quite comparable to the vikings.
I remember reading that some Friesans were setled in the south west of Wales by William 1 of England

Phelps, Hunt, Kennedy, Martin Families

Phelps, Hunt, Kennedy, Martin Families
a long time since I saw so many animated gif images link seems to be broken
nad nas moved to:-

Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter: "A newsletter for genealogy consumers, packed with straight talk, hold the sugar coating - whether the vendors like it or not! Now available in a Standard Edition and a Plus Edition.
The Plus Edition of Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter (EOGN) offers more articles and extra features. Read about the Plus Edition for 12-months at $19.95 and then sign up to receive it in your mailbox every week."

Klass File Cabinet

Klass File Cabinet

from [FreeHelp] Re: Freepages-Help-D Digest V05 #56 :-


Let me introduce myself. I was on board with Freepages early on maybe
not in the very beginning but not too long afterwards. In those days
we could have pages in a bunch of directories including garden,
writing, travel as well as the ones you have now. This mailing list
taught me how to write code and I progressed pretty well while I was
here. Then bought Rootsweb and, rightfully so,
restricted the pages to genealogy related issues. I had to get
another place for all my other stuff so got my own domain. Soon after
things happened so I didn't have time to follow the list and left.

I'm going to stick around for a while because I may be able to help a
little. If you'd like to see my Freepages site you can get there at:
You can click on the ship at the bottom to get the the genealogy
section. I got a bit carried away with the animations in the first
two pages but the rest of the site is more quiet.

Some of you were talking about organization and this is one way to do
it so I thought you might be interested. My code could use a lot of
tweaking but since I was so prolific at the time it would be a mammoth
undertaking. Maybe someday.

The other issue, resizing pictures, is also demonstrated in the "not
the way to do it" way. That, I probably will change because it drives
me crazy.

Hope you all have as much fun doing this as I have.

Holly Klass

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from Freepages-Help list:-
Hello list. It was time to rework my site, trim the fat, and get back to simple things that should make it easier for the visitor, and the webmaster. The new home page helps.

The biggest changes were in
1) the "scrolling tree" presentation, which is made of tables, and now uses SSI to put the pieces together.
Does it seem to work properly for anyone who cares to check it out?

Addition 2) was taking a FTM descendant report, and converting it into HTML.
Now viewers can choose which method they would like to see the data.
The report was converted using NOTE-TAB Lite, and was quite easy to tweak the format. Looking at the source code, you will see the uncomplicated HTML code.
(While small in comparison, I did notice that this report was too large for NotePAD.)
Opinions welcome from a helpful group.

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WorldConnect Project -- Connecting the World One GEDCOM at Time

WorldConnect Project -- Connecting the World One GEDCOM at Time I have not noticed this url and subdomain before
It must be because I click through from
anyway here is my maternal grandfather Alfred Thomas LAPHAM

I have some problem posts which show up better in this gedcom view
H.Sr. ?? Watkins
is an entry for 1 November in AHW BB
my paternal grandfather Alfred Henry Watkins Birthday Book

another is ?, Thomas Jeremial b: ABT 1837 this is an old typo from the CD transcription of the 1881 census

Surname: Jeremiah
Correction Type: Transcription Error
Explanation: MONRG11_5237_5241-0273
Contributed By: hughwatkins
Contributed On: 12/19/2004

I see I have corrected that from the image since the last update: 2004-11-08

History of Nantucket - Scraps of Family History

History of Nantucket - Scraps of Family History: "The writer in reading some letters written by his Mother to her Mother during her married life was very much puzzled because they often mentioned relatives of whom he had no knowledge as--Aunty Judith, Cousin Hepsie, Uncle Ben etc. and he considered his duty to into some inquiries as to who they could be but owing to the fact that this resolve was taken very late in life he found that those that might have told had passed away. So he started a search of Bible and genealogical records to ascertain the history of the family. So little by little facts were secured and going back he found that the ancestors on his Mother's side was centered very largely in the Island of Nantucket as well as some of the early New England towns as it has proved quite interesting to him he has decided to make a record of what he found which may or may not be interesting to my family in later years."

Lapham - Scraps of Family History

Lapham - Scraps of Family History: "The first Lapham that came to America was John Lapham, born 1635 in Devonshire, England and was a weaver by trade.
He settled in Providence, Rhode Island about 1660 and was made a freeman in 1673. He was appointed to the office of Constable and was also Deputy to the General Convention.

In 1682 he moved to Dartmouth. He was an ardent Quaker at the outbreak of the King Philip Indian War in 1676 when Providence was burned and his dwelling was destroyed. He, with the rest of the inhabitants, fled to Newport and remained there a number of years.
It was there that he met and married, at the Friends Meeting House Mary Mann, daughter of William Mann and Francis Hopkins of Providence."

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examples of site maps

Site Map for Geary, Jewel, Tucker and Little Family History and Genealogy.

I like to keep it very very simple
dnkcen Site Map

from RootsWeb: Genealogy Mailing Lists: Freepages-Help

see this discuaaion RootsWeb: Freepages-Help-L Wanted - examples of site maps

What is Freepages

The first distinctive thing you'll notice about Freepages is that there are no space limitations.
That's right, none. You don't have to carefully measure your data to make sure it will fit, or
leave out that special picture of great-great grandma. Or even worse, find yourself choosing
whether to do the best possible presentation you can on your genealogy, or skimp to make
space for pictures of the family vacation and the dog having her puppies.

Your account comes with 45 special categories for pages, from genealogy to arts to writing,
as well as miscellaneous in case you have an area of interest we've managed to miss.
This not only helps you keep your pages neatly sorted out, but helps your visitors
as well---they'll find your great- grandma in our genealogy directory, and
Fluffy's kittens in our pets directory

RootsWeb: Freepages-Help-L Archives

Flags Of The World another approach with site maps according to topic

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The Ohio Cemetery Repository

The Ohio Cemetery Repository: "If you have a photo from an Ohio Cemetery that you would like to contribute . . . . contact Andrea C. Heslin "

If your own tree is fairly complete, this is a popular hobby publishing cemeteries because grave stones fall down or decay or get broken.

Gone But Not Forgotten

There is one guy Allen Wheatley who calls himself "just an old man with a camera"

This is one of the 52,232 cemetery photos free at CEMETERIES Photographed in Texas, Oklahoma and the World as at 29 Aug 2003

As of May 1, 2004 I will no longer accept individual photographs. This is because it is a lot of trouble and they do not get the exposure your photos need, and because there are 2 excellent sites that allow you to place your pictures online for others to see (Find-A-Grave and Virtual-Cemetery, see other sites page) search, etc.

Complete Cemeteries are another thing.

I will still offer assistance for people wanting to place complete cemeteries online, whether on my site or on their own site. Allen Wheatley

2/11/2005 105,909 pictures on this site (1417 are from users).

CEMETERIES Photographed - Other Sites where cemetery Photos can be found

RootsWeb Message Boards [ Cemetery Photos ]

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Help with creating your own web pages

RootsWeb Message Boards [ Freepages Help ] Messages posted to this board also appear in the "" mailing list.


Virtual Hampstead Tour Part 1 Illustrated with paintings by Lindy Newman
a one name study of the name Walker in East Suffolk. Walker & Scott

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a useful resource for Newbians, with information on Computers & Genealogy

Google Search: Gen-Newbie

We'll help you with your subscription or list problems, so drop anyone of us a note. If we can't fix it, we'll do everything we can do find someone who will!
Gen-Newbie is proud to be part of the Rootsweb Genealogical Data Cooperative.

Welcome to Gen-Newbie:

RootsWeb Message Boards [ Newbies ]

Re: Where to search with only a name....: "Author: Joan Young" and click on this writer's name to get lots of wise advice from one of theworld's most experienced administrators.

RootsWeb: 28,882 Genealogy Mailing Lists
have been having incoming mail server problems which seem to be OK today

Google Search: newbie a google site search is really handy here

SENIOR-NEWBIE Mailing looks good judging by a quick browse of the archives.

RootsWeb: L_O_A_F-L Spamming the lists and the value of the RootsWeb Review

More words of wisdom from the archives by J Young:-

RootsWeb: L_O_A_F-L Spamming the lists and the value of the RootsWeb Review

First some background: This past week's RootsWeb Review included an article
of interest to all genealogists regarding Senate Bill 2845 (which has since
passed and been forwarded to the President for signing). The impact of this
legislation for genealogists concerns restrictions on obtaining birth
certificates for our research.

Second, the issue at hand: Many people copied this article and embellished
it/commented on it/corrupted its message, etc. and it ended up being recopied
to more than 100 (probably more like several hundred or maybe several
thousand) mailing lists -- and on many of these lists a general subject such as
this one was OFF-TOPIC--surname lists, for instance. The end result was that I,
and other admins, had to step in and appear to be "ogres" in ending
discussion and cross-posting of genealogical information--but information which we
felt was not germane to our lists.

Naturally, some list members agreed with the admin action and others
disagreed which is par for the course. What bothered me most, though, as I
explained to the folks who said they had not known about the bill prior to the other
list member copying the message onto the MILLER or MYERS or whatever surname
list, was the fact that it became clear to me that quite a few of the folks
NEW to RootsWeb lists are totally oblivious to the fact that we have a free
weekly publication which benefits ALL RootsWeb users called The RootsWeb

Thirdly, the point of this message: I think it would be a great idea for
ALL list admins to be sure their list members--especially those NEW to RootsWeb
lists, know about the RootsWeb Review and how to subscribe to it. At one
time, new list subscribers were automatically subbed to the RWR but that hasn't
been happening now for quite some time because of tightened spam
(unsolicited mail) regulations at many ISPs. So it is important for us to get to get
the word out.

I actually wonder if it might not be a good idea for RootsWeb to add a blurb
to ALL list welcome messages instructing new subscribers how to subscribe to
the RWR. I think I'll suggest that on the List Development list.

Anyway, the point is that items of a general nature such as information
about this bill--do NOT belong being cross-posted to every one of RootsWeb's
nearly 29,000 lists with various and sundry comments (correct and incorrect and
misleading) being tacked on to them as fact--both by list admins and by list
members. The place for general information is on ROOTS-L and the RootsWeb
Review and other general information sources with, hopefully, all RootsWeb
subscribed to them and reading them. That is the point of having such
publications and lists. BUT, it is becoming apparent to me that we need to get the word
out about the RWR and how people can subscribe to it.

The answer to that question is that they can go to the main RootsWeb page: and click on the NEWSLETTER MANAGEMENT CENTER at the
bottom of the page. From there they can subscribe.

Date: Sat, 11 Dec 2004 11:39:57 EST

RootsWeb Review
Each week the RootsWeb Review brings you the latest news about changes and additions to (new databases, mailing lists, and websites), tips on using our site, plus articles of interest to family historians around the world

Product Watch
This newsletter introduces you to new products from The and offers periodic savings exclusive to Product Watch subscribers.

Ancestry Daily News
Every weekday you will find a new column on family history research and current events with articles from a team of excellent family history columnists.

RootsWeb Review Archives - 2004

RootsWeb: Genealogy Mailing Lists: GEN-NEWBIE

RootsWeb: Genealogy Mailing Lists: GEN-NEWBIE: "where people who are new to computers and genealogy may interact using a computer's email program. It's like a bouncing ball, with someone asking a question and others suggesting answers, or asking more questions. The list discusses genealogy, family history, computer applications, and a wide variety of other topics with a goal of assisting anyone who wants 'community coaching' about the Internet, genealogy, computers, or whatever."

imortant - so a duplicate post

fresh from the archives:-

RootsWeb: SENIOR-NEWBIE-L Email is the new database: "From: Lance
Subject: Email is the new database
Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2005 17:27:16 +1000

With all the activity in the web mail area it is now possible to use
web mail as your new database. All those family messages or
genealogical related ones can now be stored in a web mail account (if
you have one, that is). Gmail started the activity by offering 1000 MB
of storage. Yahoo and Hotmail followed by lifting the limit on free
accounts to 250 MB. While that doesn't sound much when compared with
today's hard drives, it is enough space to hold a heap of email
messages. For example, one of my Gmail accounts has 1300 messages
archived, and that is only taking up 18 MB of space. I estimate it
would be possible to store 50,000 to 60,000 messages if I needed to,
and if I were to live that long - LOL- !

There is an interesting article from the BBC today which is worth reading:

And if you don't have a web email account, Google have a terrific
service which you can read about here:

Gmail accounts can only be opened by invitation, so after you have
read the above and feel you would like a Gmail account, write to me
OFF-LIST as I have invitations available. Please DON'T CLICK REPLY -
just write direct to me, thanks."

or me - Hugh W

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Social Security Death Index - USA

Social Security Death Index Interactive Search

Social Security Death Index (SSDI)
72,265,659 Records

Search the Social Security Death Index by entering one or more fields in the form and clicking on the "submit" button. Keep in mind that the more fields you fill in, the more restricted your results will be (and you may even eliminate the record you are seeking).

new to me in this version
i usually use FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service here U.S. SOCIAL SECURITY DEATH INDEX

FamilySearch Internet - Search: "Tips on How to Search the U.S. Social Security Death Index "

For More Information Visit Social Security Online

You can obtain a copy of the actual application form of a deceased person from the Social Security Administration. The application form includes the person's name, date and place of birth, and parents' names that were given when he or she applied for the Social Security number. For more information, go to Social Security Online.
How do I get copies of records for people found listed in the Death Index?