Saturday, November 20, 2004

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Mail delivery to ISPs from our reconciled list server (lists5) is progressing slowly. We are seeing numerous ISPs deferring our delivery of the email to them, and not necessarily quickly, hence it is affecting all mail delivery. We are continuing to monitor the situation and addressing any matters that arise.
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We are currently putting the remaining queued mail through the reconciled mailing list server (lists5). This process should be completed within 24 hours. We continue to monitor the processes on the list server as the mail is fed through. We hope that you are enjoying your revived mail.

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RootsWeb Review: RootsWeb's Weekly E-zine
17 November 2004, Vol. 7, No. 46

BACK UP AND RUNNING. Hopefully the mailing lists and digest problems on
Lists5 have been resolved after the recent disk failure and replacement
problem. All the backup mail should be flowing again. Your patience is
appreciated. Obviously if a mailing list is not functioning, information
about the situation can not be distributed that way. That is why all
announcements about technical problems are posted at the HelpDesk. To be
informed, always check here:

Saturday, November 06, 2004

RootsWeb List Tools Finder

RootsWeb List Tools Finder from my email

[RootsWeb announce] LISTS5 server is offline for mailing lists, other list servers are operational

Hi list administrators,

The server LISTS5 is off-line with respect to sending and
distributing mail, and it will be so **at least** for another couple
of days. All other list servers are operating normally.

How do you know if your list is on LIST2, LISTS3, LISTS5 or LISTS8?
Go to your lists tools via
Convert LISTNAME to your list's name. If the url changes to reflect
LISTS2, LISTS3 or LISTS8, then it is not on LISTS5. If it still says
LISTS or LISTS5, then it is on LISTS5

The basic story is that the server had had a hard disk problem
earlier in the week, and when the disk was recovered by the system
administrators, something else was broken and there followed a chain
reaction that I was unable to stop until I got online later in the
day. It will take a bit of cleaning up, nothing fatal just plain
nuisance and time consuming.

Brief information will be posted to the HelpDesk announcements zone,
for the information of list subscribers.

As I am able, I will send messages to Listowners-L and for those not
subscribed, you can see the messages in RootsWeb: listowners-L Archives

As this mailing list is on LISTS, you will be unable to subscribe to
the list for messages.

If there is special information that you have to know about the
repair operations, then these will be sent to you via this mailing
list. For the moment, if there are any urgent questions or issues,
please use the HelpDesk form
Please don't mail me directly as I have a bit of work to keep me

Regards, Andrew
RootsWeb staff - mailing lists and mail
Andrew Billinghurst
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RootsWeb: listowners-L [info] Had to manually upgrade spam filters - watch Blocked Mail from Andrew

more words of wisdom from Andrew
Google Search: and another denizen Google Search:

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Creative Spelling for Genealogists by the maker of the Wilke Family Home Page

Welcome to our Wilke Family Home Page
from my email:-The RootsWeb Review a free publication of, Inc.,
360 West 4800 North, Provo, UT, 84604

By Lori McLeod Wilke

Who would have thought that Smald K. McLEOD was actually my grandfather,
Donald Ross McLEOD? But that is exactly how he was listed in the 1920
Census index. If I hadn't known better I would have gotten a persecution
complex while browsing that particular index because my granduncle was
also listed incorrectly as "Worteleam" McLEOD! What was his real name?
William Norman McLEOD.

Those are examples of extreme issues encountered while browsing census
indexes. While the experience was frustrating, it was also educational.
I learned to not give in when I know that I know that my relative was in
a particular area at a particular time. I eventually found Smald K. and
Worteleam, I mean, Donald Ross and William Norman by going image by
image through the area where I knew they would have lived in 1920.

Another example involved searching an index of wills in Sumter County,
South Carolina. Three generations of researchers had looked for the
estate file (probate) of our Daniel McLEOD who died in 1852 in that
county. None had been able to find it. Out of curiosity I looked at the
estate file of another Daniel McLEOD who died a few years later than
ours and was surprised to find the appraisal of the estate of MY Daniel
mistakenly filed in with the other Daniel.

I went back to the index and read that there was a file for a David
McLEOD with a death year the same year my Daniel died and with a widow
administering the estate with the same name as my Daniel's widow.
Pulling the records revealed that the indexer had mistakenly headed that
particular file as that of a David and not a Daniel McLEOD. Mystery

It pays to look at everything more than once and to spend time going
through the files that you just know don't connect to your family. The
persons doing the indexing and the filing do not know the family lines
the way we researchers do, and therefore mistakes are easily made, even
if not so easily found!

[Editor's note: The calligraphic look-alikes -- Daniel and David -- are
a common problem for researchers as are phonetic equivalents, such as
Sincere for St. Cyr and other spelling irregularities, such as Cowper
(pronounced as Cooper).
See "Why U Can't Find Your Ancestors: Misspeld
Knames -- A Commun Probblem for Reeserchors

and "Do You Ear what I Ear?" by Michael John Neill
* * *
Have you encountered or solved a pesky research problem? Share it with
the RootsWeb Review readers

Ancestry Message Boards [ Ethnic / Race ] Melungeon

Ancestry Message Boards [ Ethnic / Race ]
I don't like the word Race here I would prefer ethnicity

you can see some boards are a waste of time -too few posts to create a community about 100 + is OK.

I looked after this board for a time Ancestry Message Boards [ Melungeon ] not without controversy,
and I learned a lot about the burden of color.

See August 5, 1942
Walter Plecker Letter to Tennessee Secretary of StateRegarding Melungeon Classification

I was amazed to see such apparently well educated english on that topic.

thanks to The Multiracial Activist - Executive, Legislative and Regulatory Center

Melungeon DNA Surname Project too

see Google Search: Melungeon

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Danish parish registers and census online help

Danish parish registers and census online help my own work

Danish family history with Hugh updated about ships lists

Genealogy is like police work,
you must use tested and tried procedures.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Danish Localities

RootsWeb Message Boards - Welcome Message [ Kobenhavn [Copenhagen] Date: 18 May 2003 11:55 AM GMT

I am an English man who has lived in Copenhagen for 22 years and am familiar with the local archives.

Just ask away
også på dansk = also in Danish¨
which I speak and read fluently

Hugh W

Board Administrator on this board

and how time flies

I requested a Copenhagen board and we ended up with all these counties
RootsWeb Message Boards [Danish Counties ]

becuse Boards > Surnames > Copenhagen was getting locality questions

RootsWeb Message Boards [ Kobenhavn [Copenhagen] and up to 150 messages today]