Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Avoid Tables (for Layout)?

Why Should I Avoid Tables (for Layout)?: "focusing on CSS positioning and creating tableless (and frameless) layouts, but maybe you don't really understand why you want to do this. After all, there are still people using browsers that don't reliably support these types of layouts. Plus, they can be harder to build, and most HTML editors don't yet support them. But there are still many reasons to learn how to write CSS layouts. "

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

validation tools and services

WAVE icons & explanations a really interesting shopping list of things to fix on websites

from WAVE 3.0 - Web Accessibility Versatile Evaluator which looks like overtaking Bobbynow it is commercial - Links to accessibility validation tools and services

Welcome to the HiSoftware Cynthia Says Portal

found because of a question about AMREV-HESSIAN - mailing list home website

For problems or questions regarding this web contact site webmaster
Nelda L. Percival

Mailing List Manager & Webmaster
I bet she wished she did not say that - a querulant use sent her a little list

Friday, August 26, 2005

For boiler repairs contact - H.A. McEwen (Boiler Repairs) Ltd - Keighley, Yorkshire

For boiler repairs contact - H.A. McEwen (Boiler Repairs) Ltd - Keighley, Yorkshire: "CHRONICLES OF A LANCASTRIAN BOILERMAKER is the colourful story about the rise from humble beginnings - some would say abject poverty - of well know MASTER BOILERMAKER - Alan McEwen, whose early harsh upbringing in the heavily industrialised suburbs of Manchester provided the platform from which sprung a profound ambition to succeed.
Boyhood dreams were conceived by the Black Brook, Bradford Road Gasworks"

looks like a good read

Genealogy Newsgroups - Terms of Service

Genealogy Newsgroups - Terms of Service: "You agree that Genealogy Newsgroups has no responsibility or liability for the deletion or failure to store any Content maintained or Posted by or through the Service. You acknowledge that Genealogy Newsgroups has set no fixed upper limit on the number of transmissions you may send or receive through the Service or the amount of storage space used; however, we retain the right, at our sole discretion, to create limits at any time with or without notice. "

Total Newsgroups: 22 the usual english language hierarchy
Total Messages: 25,855
Total Threads: 8,800
Top User: Anonymous User LOL
2245 posts

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Online Memorial Virtual Cemetery - monument of eternal memory

Online Memorial Virtual Cemetery - monument of eternal memory wonderfully tastless

Personal Memorial Page:

"Individual" Personal Monument ( One time payment ) US $50
"Companion Style" Personal Monument ( One time payment ) US $75
Lifetime Placement - There will be no further renewal fees.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Kult, Lawhorn, Case & Collier Families

Kult, Lawhorn, Case & Collier Families: "
a goodstart and with some attractive graphics by Carla's Graphic and Web Designs: "The linkware available from this web site is copyrighted � by Carla's Graphic Designs.
You are allowed to use these images and templates for personal, non-commerical websites for a return link back to this website. Commercial websites must pay a small non-exclusive license fee.
The return link is mandatory in order to comply with my License Agreement.
The webuser is not allowed to abuse these web graphics and templates by illegally archiving these images and templates to another server for download or selling these web graphics and templates without the expressed written permission of Carla's Graphic Designs. "

Home Page (bad title needs changing )

Home Page: "Sobby Genealogy is committed to locating the ancestors of John Edgar MASSEY and Kemis Deloris SONGER. Both John and I were born and raised in Muscogee County, GA. John is the 5th generation of MASSEY's who lived in Columbus. While I am the 1st generation of SONGER's.
I'm starting with these lines first,

Please come back again, as I hope while I'm out searching for ancestor's that I will find more clues. I'll keep adding those clues and much more.

Monday, August 15, 2005


Henckel\Hinkle & Sydar/Siders a discussion of sightmaps is going on the [FreeHelp] list

Henckel/Hinkle & Seiders/Siders Families & Memories pages by Lisa Siders
Lisa "Hinkle" Siders Website

RootsWeb: Freepages-Help-L Search Engines and Site Maps

FreeHelp rootsweb SiteMaps - Google Search

Monday, August 08, 2005

Honolulu County Genealogical Society

Honolulu County Genealogical Society

I like this
it would make a good clear blog template too

Saturday, August 06, 2005



Blacksmiths Index
cartwrights, wheelwrights, shipwrights, farriers, iron workers

new site developing nicely

DefaultHomePage for

seems to have gone missing


About Web sites

Web sites are servers connected to the Internet. On Web sites, you can publish Web pages in a format called HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language).
Anyone with a computer connected to the Internet can view Web pages using programs called a browsers, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or AOL/Netscape Navigator. You can also use Web sites to send and receive email over the Internet.

Creating and publishing Web pages

The easiest way to create a Web page is to use a Web authoring-tool, also called an HTML-authoring tool.
Some of the more common authoring tools are Composer, which is free and available from Netscape, FrontPage, which is available for purchase from Microsoft, and Dreamweaver, which is available for purchase from Macromedia. These tools write the HTML code for you as you compose your page. Using them is similar to using a word processor such as Microsoft Word.

As an alternative, you can create Web pages by writing the HTML code yourself in a text editor program such as Notepad.
Pointers to learning HTML include Writing HTML: A tutorial for creating Web pages,

If you own this domain, log in to the Site Administrator interface, then go to the Quick-start guide in the online Help for more information about publishing Web pages to your site.
thanks for a neat FAQ
Server at Port 19638

Genealogy Today: Family Tree History, Ancestry, Free Lookups:
"Your Genealogy and Family Tree Source

This site has been helping connect families since 1999 with original articles from experienced genealogists, its unique collection of databases and innovative search tools, and a marketplace with hundreds of products for family tree building.
With more than 44,000 registered members, Genealogy Today helps connect researchers with common family lines, while providing time-saving resources to stay abreast of new information. "

I tried a look up
Family Tree Connection
Minimum Term
12 Months*
$ 29.95 [ £19.19 ]

BUT this data below is freely avilable on the web anyway
I recognise the usual suspects

New England Early Genealogy
Bookmark Share
LAPHAM, Elizabeth
[Subscribe for Full Access]
TILDEN, M. [Subscribe for Full Access]
Date of Birth
1630's [Subscribe for Full Access]
Date of Death
1670's [Subscribe for Full Access]

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Adding simple colour to your WorldConnect upload site

Index of /~hedvig/css

I have just made my third one for my friend Hedvig
OK in Danish but ignore that

the css file is not !

in notepad make a new file with one line of text only (at this stage)


body {background-color: #ffffdc;}

(b) change #ffffdc to your own colour if you don't want pale lemon

NB google for
color picker
to get help

(c) your_ name_for_it.css
save as "all files" somewhere handy

all my sites have a standard
images folder
in future they will kave a css folder too as standard

and now I go to the online eitor and create a new directory css

in that directory (AKA folder) I uploaded the css file


I made a test file by copy-pasting some
code onto a new file in the online editor

see the results here
(note the css stuff in the header)


to fix
(or your own)
go to

Start Here
Also, go here to update or correct
your existing Family Tree

log on Advanced

In this field 5) Title
put the code below

"Slægtstavler" means family tree
there is no longer room for a long title

------------- 5) Title
<LINK REL=STYLESHEET TYPE="text/css" HREF="" >Slægtstavler

using your own css long LINK url or you will get Hedvig's lemon yellow

in this field

----------- 15) Page Heading
I put the old title as a heading

<h2>Slægtstavler for Hedvig Pitzner-Jørgensen </h2>efternavnene ØRUM, MEYER og PITZNER

simple text tags seem to work here like <br> newline
<b> bold
remember the /> end tags or the whole of your site will be bold or h2 down each page

(7) if it goes wrong
parctice makes perfect

just redo and redo redo unitl you get it right



<b> not followwed by </b>
<h1> was too big

<h2> follwed by <h2> instead of </h2>

/> need to be there

I had one effort
{ body: text center}
when I twigged it and changed center to left
all was OK again

You may use the on line "html editor" to edit any text or css or xml files once uploaded as well as html

good luck

Monday, August 01, 2005

Using STYLE at WorldConnect

RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project: Using STYLE at WorldConnect:

"This is a sample database posted as a teaching example. If you are researching the D'YARMETT surname, please see my actual database at Ohio Families"